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well, i feel like i haven't posted in ages! since i've been away from the blog a lot of exciting things have been going on... first, i took a little trip to spain and morocco... yes, morocco! and it was really great. i got to visit my dear friend katherine who is living in barcelona and while we were there my friend megan and i skipped down to marrakech for a few days. oh the colors! designs! and haggling! i hope to have my photos edited and uploaded sometime soon.

here in good ole' jacksonville i've been trying to get back to the daily grind at work. and on top of that, at home, norman (my boyfriend) and i are moving into a bigger and nicer place. hooray!
so, now i am up to my ears in moving boxes. alright!

so since i have been trying to sink myself back in my normal routine i have been trying to read a month's worth of my blog subscriptions... and wow, it's so easy to get behind! but i have come across so many things that are helping to inspire me in how exactly i am going to make all my stuff work in this new home of mine.

first off, in my current apartment the walls are plaster so i was unable to hang a lot of things that i wanted to. i have more than a few prints that i have acquired still in their original shipping tubes just waiting for a decent frame and a nail in the wall. so in celebration of great art on the walls, i wanted to post about a few great places to buy prints and illustrations.

Patent Pending

ISO 50

Dream of Stars


A to Z

steve harrington

now if i only i could find a place here in jacksonville that has nice looking frames for posters that isn't the cheapy plastic crap and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. any ideas?


  1. Rachel, the best place is somewhere like Michaels. They normally have 50% off framing once a month. You just have to look for the circular. Or try to call them. My wife framed one of my show posters there an it turned out really nice.

  2. Hey Rach:

    He is right, Michaels has 50% off framing at least once a month- in their newspaper adds...not to mention if you were just buying a frame, those ads generally have one item at 40% off...

  3. these are super cool prints.

  4. Rachel, get yourself a Mitre box and ask boyfriend to help cut some Frames.
    You can make your own and paint or stain them any color.
    If you have lots of posters, this is the cheapest and best way to get them framed.
    I put movie posters in my own Lighted boxes and they look very nice.
    just glue and brad nail the corners of your frames and use the lexan sheets from HomeDepot (cuts easily) as your glass(lighter and safer)
    Your friends will want them too,...



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