j'aime les couleurs de le creuset.

i just want to make a quick post proclaiming my love for le creuset cookware. ever since i first spotted the turquoise blue pot in March/April 2007 Blueprint i have had the photo below on my inspiration board. i mean not only are the colors on those shelves amazing, but i think about le creuset's newest caribbean colored line almost every other day. (yes, i covet it that badly.) i found out recently that most of the line can be found at bed, bath and beyond.

(inspiration photos from Blueprint Magazine and Wary Meyers.)

i love all the colors that le creuset cookware comes in (particularly kiwi, cobalt blue and flame).

but for me, caribbean takes the cake.

1 comment:

  1. i too am a caribbean crueset coveter. but i've got no cash for the colors -- maybe ebay could deliver a deal?



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