makin' munny.

so i know i don't post about a lot of local events on this blog. (this is partially because that is my day job, and if you want to read about all of the local stuff happening jacksonville i assume you will read my magazine.) however, there is a really cool art show happening this weekend that deserves a mention... the color of munny. this is a show being put on by urban jacksonville blog author, joey marchy.

this is jacksonville's first vinyl toy art show. basically, marchy asked different local artists to take blank kid robot munny toys and transform them into their own masterpieces. (you can read more about it in eu's article here.)

marchy has been posting a few photos of finshed munny's over the last few days (see first pic for a few samples) and i'm blown away! the show is tomorrow night (saturday, july 7th) at the thief in the knight gallery in downtown jacksonville (map, 118 west adams street).

eu is one of the sponsors of the event. it was such a great idea we couldn't pass up the opportunity to be involved, and we thank joey for 1. taking the time and energy to put on a such an original show (and everything else he does for jacksonville) 2. letting eu be part of it.

i am really hoping i can make it to the show, although i'm nervous i may not; norm (the boyfriend) and i will be at the 30th anniversary party for kona skatepark and i have no idea when that is supposed to end. either way, cool things are happening in jacksonville and i am stoked about it!

(the top photo is of the individual munny's made by dan may, levi ratliff and brittni wood.)

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  1. Thanks for the props Rachel. You better be there! Ha ha ha!



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