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i live with a constant itch to travel, especially the last few weeks, far off places like india and japan are next on my list to conquer. did you know my first time ever flying on a commercial airplane i flew all the way to china? yep, i was fifteen. the night of my fifteenth birthday my parents told me that i was getting to go on a trip of a lifetime with my best friend to, of all places, china. my parents weren't going to just pay for this extravagant trip; the next week i had my first job at a pizza place around the corner from my neighborhood (and i have been a hard worker ever since). so ever since the beginning i have put travel on the forefront of my financial priorities and i never plan to let that change. something about the satisfaction of experiencing far-off lands makes the sound of working for hard-earned money that much sweeter. in that first trip to china i went with an organization called the civil air patrol (my best friend's father was involved with it somehow), and we must have taken over 12 flights all over to different cities in china. i came back to the u.s. with not only plenty of flying under my belt, but the thirst for travel, travel, travel!

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