the taste of morocco.

i will never forget or stop craving the taste of morocco. everything i ate there was so delicious and flavorful. if i only knew how to cook like that...


(white tagine from the conran shop)

a lot of moroccan dishes are cooked in a tagine like the one pictured above. i would love to be able to recreate some of the flavors i tasted in marrakech, i wonder if this tagine would work the same way? i don't even know, can these be put in the oven? i do know that traditionally a tagine cooks over (in?) fire for many hours to carefully blend the tastes of meat, vegetables and seasonings together. and then can be used as a serving dish, being brought directly to your table.

not too long ago i came across a blog called a moroccan kitchen that is being written by two lovely ladies named sabah and samira. they are moroccan women from fès medina who work at riad laaroussa. they started this blog to practice their english and spread the taste of morocco all over the world!

so maybe with these two things, a lovely tagine and a moroccan kitchen blog, i can come a fraction closer to having the authentic cuisine in my own home!

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