yummy yogurt?

so, as my friends know, i suffer from pretty severe migraines. i am home sick with one right now. (usually i can work through them, but today i just couldn't bring myself to drive until i nursed it better.) so to keep myself busy (somehow preoccupying myself tends to be less painful than just "laying down") i was divulging in some of my daily blog reads and i just read about rachel's yogurt on the bluelines blog (blueprint magazine's blog). i have recently started to LOVE yogurt. i used to not be that fond of it, and honestly the dairy part just kinda of scared me (not a big fan of milk - yuck!). anyway, rachel's yogurt sounds devine and i wish there were a place here in jacksonville that you could buy some to eat right now. checkout what the website says about their flavors:

The Essence line offers blissfully blended mood-inspiring yogurt. The essence of scrumptious satisfaction.
  • Vitality - Pomegranate A├žai
  • Revive - Peach Green Tea with Ginseng
  • Glow - Berry Jasmine with Zinc
  • Relax - Vanilla Chai
  • Calm - Plum Honey Lavender

The Exotic line offers luscious blended yogurt inspired by the planet's most alluring fruits and flavors.

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  1. I found some Rachel's on sale (at my grocery in Colorado)- Grapefruit and Lychee- so I thought I would try it and it was fantastic!



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