breast cancer awareness all over the world

check out this week's EU! we did a very extensive feature on breast cancer awareness. the design i used for the cover is this wonderful artwork from a Danish designer named Sidsel Gaustadnes. i originally read about her design on the oh joy! blog and i immediately emailed Sidsel about using her design in our breast cancer issue. i think it is one of the best designs or images that i've seen that represents breast cancer. if you notice, the circles are supposed to represent breasts of all different shapes and sizes. and if you also notice the last one is singular because, as Sidsel explains, that is how she always remembered her grandmother who lived happily after having a mastectomy.

BC_about_the_cover_Sidsel Gaustadnes

originally Sidsel designed this artwork for the Danish Cancer Society, but thanks to the world of blogging, her design has reached all corners of the world. thank you, Sidsel, so much for allowing us to showcase your design over here in the states! (read her blog to find out where her merchandise is being sold. it is my understanding that quite a bit has already sold out!)

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