amy ruppel at target

amy ruppel at target

it's that time of year again, and the holiday decor is in full-retail-swing. this year at target (my staple for general-needs shopping) designer amy ruppel is being featured as this year's designer for holiday marketing and decorations. you may recognize her signature birds from an array of different places. [target catalog photo (above) from paper pop ink blog]

amy ruppel at modern twist

amy ruppel vinotagz and coaster notz at modern-twist

amy ruppel's collaboration with seattle artist amy bengtson. (fern, a rosewood oval inlaid with a mother of pearl bird accented by an engraved fern.)

an amy ruppel paperweight from anthropologie.

amy ruppel at plume

amy ruppel pillows from eleventwentyfive.

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