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i received the sweetest note in the mail today (yes, the real u.s. postal service) from Ez over at Creature Comforts. and inside she included one of these adorable paper dolls from her wren eleven shop! {pictured to the left.} (such a neat idea! its a beautiful gocco print that has cutouts and when you place different patterned papers behind the print it changes the pattern on the girl's dress. you can buy them in the wren eleven shop here.) i have the perfect spot for it on my desk and it's now hanging beautifully. thank you so much, Ez!

let me just say, Ez is truly a talented lady. i adore her blog and flickr photos so much. in fact, the whole note she sent me was spurred from a comment i made on the blueprint magazine's blog, bluelines, concerning the closing of the magazine (yes, sad and true. a publication i will truly miss). the post was asking for advice from readers on how blueprint could continue to entice readers now that the monthly paper magazine would be gone. (you can read the post and the many many comments here.) in my comment i said:

One of the best things about Blueprint magazine was the styling and design. I've never gotten the same vibe with the blog. I feel like in order for the blog to replace the true feeling of Blueprint style you must consider designing the layout of the blog and posts better. The glossy large photos are one of the best things about a magazine, and this can still be achieved (somewhat) by blogging. I say look at Creature Comforts and Oh Joy! blog for great examples of stylized design blogging. And the best thing about those two examples, even in RSS reader form, they still have a great look. Just some advice to consider!

and it is true, i think of Ez's blog posts on Creature Comforts as some of the best looking blog posts out there. she has quite an eye for grouping items together for a perfect stylized match, and moreso she has a unique way of presenting the items with beautiful borders, lettering, etc. you can certainly tell she puts time and effort into her blog, home and other online endeavors. and i must add, it is rare to come across someone so gracious and thoughtful enough to send a lovely handwritten note in the mail.

so i continue to be inspired by Ez all the time, and I think if you have yet to discover her blog for yourself, now is the time you should check it out! she also has two online shops that you must visit, wren eleven and wren & chickadee.

{all photos from creature comforts blog, except first photo of the paperdoll, that is from the wren eleven shop}

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  1. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for all your kindness and lovely compliments. It's a delight to "know" you.

    Have a wonderful evening!



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