anthropologie goes to morocco.

anthropolgie goes to morocco

hello, friends. i would like to apologize for my absence these past couple of weeks. since i last posted my [work] life has shifted... but in a good way! EU (the newspaper / magazine i produce here in jacksonville, fl) has gone from being a weekly publication to a monthly. we are extremely excited about all the new opportunities and endeavors this will give us. this change is going to allow so many doors to open that i have been patiently waiting by.

not only is the pace and schedule of my work changed but i have also decided to to do my work from my home(!). bringing my work home with me [literally] has been exciting and intimidating at the same time. mostly exciting though because i am hoping that i will now have more time to cultivate my inspiration that i find on this great network of blogs, and also allow time to dedicate to my photography business. i have spent the last week preparing things and it hasn't been until just now that i've had a moment to calmly sit down at my computer, catch up on my blog reader subscriptions and put a little TLC into this blog. so that leaves me back to my original intentions for this post...

have you seen the new anthropologie catalog? {see above photo} i am so thrilled to see two of my favorite (and inspirational) things come to together: anthropologie and morocco! last spring/summer i visited marrakech, morocco (where it looks like the photos in the catalog were taken) and anytime i see photographs from that place it instantly brings back so many memories. i love that anthropologie used morocco as their location... and, really, a lot of their new items seem to have lovely moroccan / moorish design elements and inspiration. (and i'm talking about the real moroccan design elements... lately every time you turn around you see "moroccan-themed decor" and most of that is far too flashy and "arabian nights-ish" than the real deal.) so it is refreshing to see the right design elements subtly borrowed by these products. i feel like anthropologie and morocco are a perfect fit. like the anthropologie stores, moroccan design melds together the most beautiful worldy elements into one... morocco has a feel of its own, but amazingly borrows traditions and elements from the moors, spanish-europeans, africans and arabic culture.

i look at the photo above and i have to wonder if the photographers actually hired that boy to use him for the shoot or if he stumbled upon their shoot claiming to "show them the way to the souks" .... haha. (you'd have to go there to believe it, but in the medina of marrakech it is nearly impossible to walk down the streets as a foreigner and not be chased by a gang of pre-pubescent boys begging to help you in anyway they can... all for a fee - in which they wait until after they've helped you to disclose - of course.)

{brought to my attention by both maryam at my marrakesh and the craving anthrolpolgie blog.}


  1. hey lady!!! that is awesome to hear about EU and your photography business! i have a feeling this is going to be a great year for many, including you and EU! so best wishes, darlin! and by the way, love the new anthro catalog!

  2. yay to our marrakesh trip! that will always be one of my most favorite things i've ever done. & it turns out its catching on elsewhere: i was just looking through the new elle decor & there is a section about marrakesh in there too. talk about mouth-watering-design & make-me-want-to-go-back-this-second!

  3. Thanks, Marisa! (and best wishes / congratulations to you for the recent engagement and the bold move to a new career!)

    And, agh, I know you what you mean Meg! I would love to be able to revisit Marrakesh and this time make it to Essaouira too.

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