harry allen {areaware}


fellow readers, i hate to be this way again... but i do apologize about the neglect i have left my blog in. finally i am crawling out from under the rock of oppressing issues with networking computers, deadlines, re-organization, etc. i truly hope that i have a reached a point where i can read my blog subscriptions on a daily basis and update on here every now and then. i am going to begin, like i have before, with the simple 'today i love this' posts.

today's post is about imagery and style. i love this opening photograph on the harry allen page of the areaware website {see above}. the colors are amazing. areaware features some really unique artists and products as well. ch-ch-check it out.


  1. i feel ya. I dont know where I find the time to do my blog either(usually around 1 or 2 in the am). Between school, work, art, blogging, getting shows together, being dad, and a husband...i dont know how I find anytime to do anything at all. LOL...its crazy! Good to see you posting some new news! Ill add your link to the blog...asap...i hope. LOL


  2. awww! well you know i love those maps [duh!] but i really love that pig too! i'd love to have a little tiny potbelly pig one day! i'd prob name her miss priss!

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  4. Thanks, Brian! I've been really enjoying the outer box!



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