well styled: the black kids

So I was just scrolling through my daily RSS subscriptions (thank you beloved google reader), and I happened upon a blog I enjoy quite a bit, grain edit. And whadya know, a post about our local hometown heroes, the Black Kids, and their new tour poster designed by Michael Fusco and Co. !
black kids poster by Michael Fusco and Co.

Which I agree, is awesome! I'm really loving the direction of the band's style. I mean I have known Kevin and Reggie for years - I believe I first saw them play at my best friend's brother's birthday party back when I was still middle school (gasp! that's at least 11 years ago) - but point in case, I have never thought any of the band members lacked in style, so the choosing of the posters and artwork is not surprising at all, and I think is great. I'm also really digging this photo / graphic:

black kids artwork

Not sure who put this last one together, I've just seen it on their myspace page and other random places.

Good job, y'all! Jacksonville represent!

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