john derian at target!

john derian domino target ad

Oh my oh my... I am so excited, what a nice surprise to come home to! Upon peering into my new issue of domino last night I saw an ad for Target promoting a new line coming in September by John Derian! This is so great! {pardon the dodgy photo above, I just snapped a photo of it real quick on my phone to display the ad.}

john derian square trays

I have admired John Derian for years now. In fact my first 'decor / design / inspirational' blog post I ever made was an ode to John Derian on my myspace blog (ick myspace blogs, i know). I'm not going to bother linking you to myspace, but you can see a small set on my flickr with the objects I posted about. {Btw, that was over two years ago! I can't believe how fast time flies... I quickly launched rachel best blogs with blogger very soon after. Yep, a 2 year birthday for the blog coming up in November!}

john derian writing

Well, this post has turned into a little trip down memory lane. Sorry about trailing off on a side tangent, John Derian sits a little close to my heart. His style is eclectic and I love that. He works in beautiful collage form and incorporates a lot of swoon-worthy pieces that mix old fashioned writing with beautiful organic forms like leaves, animals or insects (did I mention I have always had a thing for dragonflies and butterflies? ask my friends from middle school.. they will confirm).

john derian butterfly dragonfly

I have long coveted one of his gorgeous pieces, but they are really out of my casual spending range. But alas! Now target is doing what it does best, making the work of amazingly talented designers affordable for people like you and me. Now I can have my very own Derian piece. This makes me truly happy. And I'm happy that more people in the world will now know of the great work John Derian makes. Thank you Target!

p.s. I can't leave this post without mentioning the lovely objects (aside from his decoupage pieces) he carries in his store. You can see them on his website too.

john derian shop goods

john derian shop goods

p.s.s. I should note that I have no idea what the pieces at Target will look like aside from the ad above, I have searched for pics to no avail. The other photos in this post are all from his website.



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