le love and why i love it

le love

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and while I'm not into the consumerism/commercial aspect of it, and I believe love should be celebrated any & every day, but I love seeing all the creative things the design world has put together in honor of the holiday [hence the last few posts I've made]. I also really love the way a single image/thing/project can make you feel, and that is what art and love is all about. Happy Valentine's Day everyone, I hope you take a moment to appreciate something in your life that you love, whether it's a person, a feeling, or a creative endeavor and celebrate that.

le love

Having trouble coming up with something? Find some inspiration here on this relatively new [and ingenious] site, by Thought & Theory, called yiloveit.com where you can read about profess love about anything and everything.

{images from the Le Love blog, which is also definitely worth checking out too}

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