in living colour.

i love color. i use it everywhere and whenever i can. (if you've ever been in my apartment you can tell...) in fact, if i could, i would use color and photos to express everything i wanted to say in life. i hate writing it takes so much time. i'd much rather toss a few hundred photos in your face or flash different color cards around. anyways, i found this website (thanks to mackenzie at something old, something new) its called COLOURlovers and its so great!

its basically a site that tracks color trends from users all over the place. different people submit different things. there is one section where people just submit singular colors and another where people submit different color palletes.

i love to see the different schemes people come up with and match together. it's truly inspiring and great to get ideas for so many things... website colors, a room color scheme, wedding themes, the list goes on...

the other great thing is next to each color the user has provided the hex color code and the RGB number values. you can also subscribe to different RSS feeds on the site if you want to stay up to date with it. go check it out!

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