one of my resolutions this year is to become more regular with posting in this blog here. i wish i could promise a new post every day. but unfortunately i have to re-design an entire newspaper publication every week, and that doesn't leave much room to play on blogs all day. nevertheless, i am still looking everyday for new cool stuff to post. i save it all. and eventually it will all come out via this nifty little thing i call my blog. i have several things i want to post about tonight. i don't know if i will get around to all of them, but i'll start here.

what are these amazing images you ask? well i asked the same thing when i found them a few months ago (via one of those blogs listed over there to the right, i just can't remember which! i'm sorry!)... anyways, these rooms are designed by duo-designer couple john meyers and linda wary from wary meyers decorative arts.

when i first found their site... i went completely ga-ga. in such an odd way, it felt so personal; like they took my personal taste, perfected it and wrapped up in a pretty bow. today when i went over to visit the bohemian-modern blog i frequent, sfgirlbybay, she reminded me of wary meyers and i just had to post about it.

sfgirlbybay coined team wary meyers as the "renaissance artists of the new design world" ... and i must second that motion. designer john meyers, before forming wary meyers, was the corporate display director at anthropologie (which would explain a lot on both ends). linda wary pursued a career in advertising and then became a freelance art director for magazines before she started freelance trend forcasting with john. together they later formed wary meyers. overall, they just seem to get design and they also get how to live comfortably. kudos kudos kudos to them. and i give them many thanks for loads of inspiration.

speaking of inspiration, sfgirlbybay also turned me onto this great flickr group started by another fellow blogger, decor8, called roomsiheart. it's great! (the photos above and below are from the group.) and its also dangerous (for me) because it only inspires me to be more of an impulsive buyer when it comes to things for my apartment! seriously, its a bad habit of mine. i don't even have room for most of the stuff i get. its all for that new, much bigger place, "i'm about to move into."

as far as the practical, real life stuff. here's one project i am currently working on... collecting things for my wall (you know, the one in that hallway of mine in that "new bigger place"). its taking shape and i think will turn into some kind of combination of these:

+ + + =

my growing collection (mirrors + typographic lettering + vintage frames + photography)

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  1. Thank you for the inspirational pictures! My bf and I just moved into our new condo and it needs some major personality!



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