i love grids too.

Whether we admit it or not, grids are an essential part of our life. Without grids, our lives would be messier, uglier, and more confusing places to live in. The Art of the Grid products will keep your life in order! Write your shopping lists, practice your layouts, and keep
your books and magazines on the shelves of grids that changed the history of design.

(above) grid-it notepads from astrid stravro. i found these via ace jet 170 and type for you... however, i may be missing something, because i can't find out where you can buy these. (if any knows, clue me in!) but it appears that the company of designers, miquelrius, is based out of barcelona. so maybe when i get to barcleona i can scope this out a little more. i think the concept is great and i can already think of over a hundred ways i can use these things. as a graphic designer i can totally relate to placing everything in grids, i do it mentally all the time.

(above) i do know where you can find this notepad. it's for sale at www.shopmodi.com. i think the place for the pencil (or pen) is quite the clever idea. i found this via better living through design.

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