ready, set, go!

in lieu of having just bought plane tickets to spain, i dedicate this post to... TRAVEL!

1. the moleskine city notebook allows you to keep track of your travels by making your own guidebook. it features metro maps, station index, zone maps and street index, 42 blank pages, 96 notched pages for your city file, 32 detachable sheets, 12 translucent sticky sheets to trace, and expandable inner pocket.

2. the F1 IDENTIFLYER TAG is a feature product from the [great] travel gear website Flight 001.

3. i am in love with this item, a graphic style clutch from Loop! perfect size for your plane tickets, passports, metro cards, and other travel documents. found on the kitschy site, fred flare. [pssst, locals! i also saw this clutch in five points' edge city... and i think it was tad bit cheaper too!]

4. this is an expand-a-bag! i can't think of a better thing to bring. toss it in your suitcase on the way there, and then carry it on your shoulder on the way back when it's full of all the goodies you bought that didn't fit in your luggage!

5 and 6. are a little tribute to the wonderful world of real film and lomography. first is the Lomographic Horizon Compact Panorama Camera, "Its glass swing-lens pans a full 120° from left to right as soon as you press the (exposure release) button. The Horizon image is then magnificently captured across an e-x-t-r-a-w-i-d-e 58mm of film - almost the width of two "normal" 35mm frames. Mind you, this is still using the standard, easy-to-find 35mm film that we all know and love. High resolution panoramic shots of people and space, skylines and broad vistas are captured seamlessly in striking clarity and regal colours." [accoring to adorama.] Second, we have the Lomo Super Sampler 4 Lens Panoramic 35mm Camera. I gave this camera to my sister for christmas, and it really is cool and fun! It captures 4 panoramic sequential images, all on one regular photo print.

7. F1 SAFETY MAKEUP BOX, another featured [and exclusive] item of flight001.com. it's your general toiletries bag, but printed in airplane safety graphics. how silly and neat!

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