paper + scissors = good [toy] design


today my boyfriend made himself this cardboy calendar. while trying to find the instructions and site he got it off of, i came upon several really neat places that had cool paper toy art.

[images are from the rag & bone blog]

you can download the cardboy calendar pdf here.


most of the sites i found thanks to the okee dorkee blog.

readymech paper toys.jpg

[above] there are a bunch of free downloads for these cool ready mech paper toys.

[to the right] a teeter totter mechanical paper kit, $9.95, from the giant robot online store.
oragami fish and rabbit.jpg

the cannon [creative park] website, of all places, has some really cool paper projects. from origami, paper replicas of famous monuments, cards and even cool patterns to print out your own origami paper.

[above] i love the goldfish and rabbits origami pieces.

[to the left] an example of what one of the pages in the pdf download will look like. you print the pages from your computer (usually onto thicker photo paper) and then you cut and fold along the dotted lines. some are much harder than you probably think!

oragami bird cage and bird.jpg

[above] a bird cage pop-up card and an origami pigeon.

[to the right] i especially want to try making this last one, we have a lucky kitty collection growing in the kids' room.

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  1. That one your boyfriend made is brilliant!!! How long did it take him? (she says with trepidation...)

    How come cool stuff like this isn't sold?



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