today i like this. (1)

ok, it's been proven that i just can't post in this blog regularly. there is an increasing amount of work growing on my plate. i have four or five big photography projects looming over my shoulders and waiting to be completed. (which, by the way, you may be seeing a more serious business approach to this in the near future.) every time i even think about blogging i feel guilty about not working on my "paid work" first. so i am going to start a new, simple, little feature called "today i like this." you see, i faithfully read a LOT of blogs everyday, and i use google's amazing little application called notebook where i save all kinds of wonderful things i've found with hopes of making blog posts about them. my notebook has grown HUGE. can you tell? nope. i have all these things to share, just no time to do it. so "today i like this" will simply feature one thing i like, a link to where i found it, and that's it. like i've said before, i'm not a good writer (in fact i'm beginning to think i am a terrible writer), and i'd much rather just show you pictures. so here we go (as a bonus, i'm going to include more than one thing today):

today i like this these:

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