Aida Coronado on Etsy

Aida Coronado on Etsy

This weekend I stumbled across Aida Coronado's shop on Etsy. In her shop she shares wonderful and beautiful handmade items from Mexico. The design and embroidery work is stunning, and the colors are bright and beautiful. I don't know how the prices compare if you were buying them yourself on the streets of Mexico, but the fact that you can purchase these beauties from your own living room, I think the prices are fair and reasonable. Any of these pieces would be a perfect addition to your summer wardrobe, check them out!


  1. wow! how gorgeous!

    I just visited her site, I want them all! I can't resist to have one of those lovely huichol things. I bookmarked it and will keep an eye on it, thanks !

  2. Hm, nice products but I live in Mexico, love to visit it's markets and I mus't say the products are highly overpriced in comparison to what you would pay here. Even in touristy places you would not pay as much - not even close!

    Soooo, save your dollars, better take a trip to Mexico .. and go shop!! :)

  3. The sad thing is she is selling this stuff in Etsy but I dont think she made them, she is reselling the work of great mexican artisans. BTW I am mexican.

  4. Hmm... you have a point. I must say, my post was more in praise of the artisan's work (and honestly, I assumed she did not make these items, i just liked the fact that you could purchase original mexican textiles online somewhere since I'm not in mexico myself). However, after the 'anonymous' comment, i looked around and it does sort of seem ambiguous whether or not she made the items, like she could possibly be trying to pass the items off as her own. Either way, just for measure, I was not trying to offend anyone by posting about these items, I truly just want to celebrate their beauty!

  5. You are right there Rachel, the stuff is beautiful. No question!! Come to Mexico you would enjoy to shop here! Greetings from Cancun

  6. Rachel,

    These dresses are made in factories in Mexico. They are everywhere down here in Texas for much less money.

  7. I am so sorry of reading this, I thought recognizing the beauty of a country online would be something important for my country, there is a lot of work in every one of this pieces, I do made some, I do specify if is bought somewhere, there is a lot of people that is starting to see the value of their work.
    This is my collection from Mexico, I would love to see more from my "paisanos", stop the "bla bla" and do something, I suposse you could see you are helping many people when buying one of the pieces and I am staring a bussines but it also involves art, why don't you say anything about the "Art Galerias" in Mexico owned by tourists? I have seen pieces that I have and own, at double or triple price amount! come on!...
    I am doing good and from the botton of my heart, you all start doing something! SEE THE POSITIVE THE RESPECT THE LOVE...

    Thank you...
    Aida Coronado

    1. The problem is Aida, you are not respectable. You rip people off in more ways than just your authenticity. You don't deliver. I paid 100's of dollars for items never received. I tried to contact Aida several times to no avail. I will make it my personal goal to get he word out. This woman is a fraud. She will take your money and you'll never receive your purchase!! Beware

  8. Hello Aida,

    everybody agreed on one thing: the merchandise you sell is beautiful!

    You did write in your own introduction that some of your items are made by you and others were hand picked. Well, great choice of yours but mostly everything I see is what you find on any touristy market in the country and yes, for less money.

    I could go out today and buy the same "vintage dresses" for a fraction of the cost you are offering them for on several markets in town...

    I have bought them before, out on the market AND by people who actually make them and I do appreciate their art.

    And in regards to your own comments about art galleries in Mexico and prices asked for:
    "I have seen pieces that I have and own, at double or triple price amount! come on!..."

    Funny enough that's how I felt when I saw your offers.

  9. Let me ask you a question?
    If I offered you a bottle of water in this moment, what's the maximum amount of money you would be willing to give in exchange for it?
    And if I offer someone the same bottle of water in the middle of the desert at 2pm under the sun? how much do you think he would pay for it??

    Why? because where you are right now there's a lot of water, and in the middle of the desert there is not, and you have not so many options, that simple.

    That's the law of offer and demand, which rules the societies where you, me and all the people reading this belong.

    If I want to buy something, I compare how much am I paying for it against what am I getting. If it has the quality I like, the colors I prefer and it works for me then I buy it otherwise I don't.

    I do not care how much does that item costs in Nepal, Tokyo or in the factory or how much is the person selling me this is making, If I like it, it works and I can afford it I'll get it.
    And I suppose that is the same thing that you do, right? because that's what intelligent people does.

    If the lady is making a business good for her, she's a Mexican buying from Mexican people and showing her stuff with pride. What's wrong with that?

    If you bought something from her and you received less than expected talk to her and ask her to fix the situation, otherwise what's your point?

  10. You can get this sort of authentic, Mexican apparel of great quality in San Antonio,TX or anyplace in Mexico for so much cheaper. Her prices are a total rip-off.

  11. To the person with the long explanation-you might be into ripping of customers(suckers to you no doubt) taking advantage of them, but plenty of us wouldn't feel right. If I wouldn't buy this clothing at these prices, I wouldn't feel right selling them at these prices. Point is ETHICS!

  12. Bottom of a greedy heart.



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