in the kitchen

in the kitchen

{from top to bottom} Soy Sauce Dispenser, Go Kumagai, 2004 ($14), Eva Solo's Table Grill ($300), Plum Party Basket Weave Coral paper plates ($4.50-$6.00), oven mitt, blue and green platter from Svenskt Tenn , Chat Plates, Ikuko Nakazawa, 2007 ($45), Anthropologie Parrot Bottle Stoppers ($12), Bambu low bowls ($34), Anthropologie Rondavel Serving Bowl ($49.95), Anthropologie Crocheted Food Cover, Yellow ($18), glass bottles (oops! i started putting this post together a couple of weeks ago and i cannot seem to find where i found those glass bottles! if anyone has the link please comment below. my apologies!)

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  1. oooh i should get some of those adorable food covers for my party!



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