Oh, get off the air. I'm on the stereo stereo.

since cohabiting with my boyfriend, my apartment is full of a LOT of electronic equipment. i love technology, i just wish more of it looked this stylish.

this Specktone Retro tabletop stereo speaker system is only $99.

via sfgirlbybay.


prima donna

last year i bought these prima crocs in black and they are my favorite shoes i have ever purchased. nine days out of ten i am wearing these shoes (and if i'm not wearing them, i probably brought them in my car with me just in case i decide to change shoes mid-day). they are by far the most comfortable shoes i have owned. see, i have something like feet claustrophobia, i can't stand the feeling of not being able to easily slip a shoe on and off. these are the shoes i plan to walk all over spain in, i could walk in them all day. and unlike all the other bulky croc styles, the prima style is much more low-key and don't feel like clown shoes. so... for the longest time these suckers only came in black, gold, fuchsia and silver... but i just saw tonight that they have four new colors! celery, cotton candy, lavender, and sea foam (my new personal favorite). i plan to order some as soon as they restock my size in sea foam. and you can't be their low price ($29.99 on the website... and psst locals, i think they have the original black silver, gold and fuchsia at the dillards at the avenues for $25.99). buy these shoes and consider this post a valuable tip of advice.

and thank you to megan at not martha for the tip to look at the croc website.


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