a furniture wish list

my furniture wish list

I'm taking a break from production on EU's July issue (yes, I'm working at midnight on a Friday night - I'm awesome!), and I was thinking about some lovely pieces of furniture design I recently added to my ongoing [unattainable] wish list. Aren't they pretty?

{clockwise} Heirloom Ellinor Rocking Chair, Danish Modern Vanity (I really love this), Pharmacy Floor Lamp from Urban Outfitters (this piece is actually do-able), Heirloom Nora Table


muto by blu

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

i don't normally post videos, but i'm making an exception to a really incredible piece of artwork, in one my favorite forms. you have to watch it to believe me.

help i need help!


Today I am sick, and in lieu of being so, I'd like to express my appreciation for the package and web design on these Help products.

help screenshot

Go to the website and make sure to check out the 'Bored?' section. It's humorous.


small magazine

small magazine

Have you ever heard of Small Magazine? Although it seems like they are on their 6th issue, I just discovered Small Magazine today. It appears to be an exclusively online publication.

small magazine

For anyone with little kiddies in their life (or anyone who can appreciate good design for wee ones) take a look at the magazine. They show off some really cool artists.

small magazine

And feature some pretty amazing photography.

small magazine

I love the For Frida spread {pictured above}.


well styled: the black kids

So I was just scrolling through my daily RSS subscriptions (thank you beloved google reader), and I happened upon a blog I enjoy quite a bit, grain edit. And whadya know, a post about our local hometown heroes, the Black Kids, and their new tour poster designed by Michael Fusco and Co. !
black kids poster by Michael Fusco and Co.

Which I agree, is awesome! I'm really loving the direction of the band's style. I mean I have known Kevin and Reggie for years - I believe I first saw them play at my best friend's brother's birthday party back when I was still middle school (gasp! that's at least 11 years ago) - but point in case, I have never thought any of the band members lacked in style, so the choosing of the posters and artwork is not surprising at all, and I think is great. I'm also really digging this photo / graphic:

black kids artwork

Not sure who put this last one together, I've just seen it on their myspace page and other random places.

Good job, y'all! Jacksonville represent!


Aida Coronado on Etsy

Aida Coronado on Etsy

This weekend I stumbled across Aida Coronado's shop on Etsy. In her shop she shares wonderful and beautiful handmade items from Mexico. The design and embroidery work is stunning, and the colors are bright and beautiful. I don't know how the prices compare if you were buying them yourself on the streets of Mexico, but the fact that you can purchase these beauties from your own living room, I think the prices are fair and reasonable. Any of these pieces would be a perfect addition to your summer wardrobe, check them out!

in the kitchen

in the kitchen

{from top to bottom} Soy Sauce Dispenser, Go Kumagai, 2004 ($14), Eva Solo's Table Grill ($300), Plum Party Basket Weave Coral paper plates ($4.50-$6.00), oven mitt, blue and green platter from Svenskt Tenn , Chat Plates, Ikuko Nakazawa, 2007 ($45), Anthropologie Parrot Bottle Stoppers ($12), Bambu low bowls ($34), Anthropologie Rondavel Serving Bowl ($49.95), Anthropologie Crocheted Food Cover, Yellow ($18), glass bottles (oops! i started putting this post together a couple of weeks ago and i cannot seem to find where i found those glass bottles! if anyone has the link please comment below. my apologies!)


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