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le love

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and while I'm not into the consumerism/commercial aspect of it, and I believe love should be celebrated any & every day, but I love seeing all the creative things the design world has put together in honor of the holiday [hence the last few posts I've made]. I also really love the way a single image/thing/project can make you feel, and that is what art and love is all about. Happy Valentine's Day everyone, I hope you take a moment to appreciate something in your life that you love, whether it's a person, a feeling, or a creative endeavor and celebrate that.

le love

Having trouble coming up with something? Find some inspiration here on this relatively new [and ingenious] site, by Thought & Theory, called yiloveit.com where you can read about profess love about anything and everything.

{images from the Le Love blog, which is also definitely worth checking out too}


kate spade valentines

kate spade valentine

Some more free valentines! This time from Kate Spade and a whole slew of talented artists. Check them out here.

obey this

obey japanese fabric patterns

Going on sale tomorrow (Feb. 13th) are these Japanese Fabric Pattern Obey prints. They come in a set of 4, each 18 x 18 and are a limited edition of 100. Get 'em while they're still around.


freedom to marryAlign Center

Did you know that this week is Freedom to Marry Week? Yep, just wanted to give a little attention to a good cause and nice logo design.


arturo tote bags

arturo tote bags

While I have your attention, I just wanted to take a moment to point out some adorable tote bags. These bags, adorned with Bean the Boston Terrier, are hand screened by a local Jacksonville company called Arturo Clothing Co. I think they are just wonderful and would be perfect for, say, a small birthday gift (ahem, March 2nd, pink one). One can never have too many tote bags, right?

just. add. paper.

littlebrownpen valentine

In need of another easy or last-minute valentine? I love these printable Valentines from Little Brown Pen. For just $5 you get folded notecards, flat notecards, gift tags, an envelope and 8.5 x 11 stationery. All you do is download and then print!

Nichole and her family are currently living in a beautiful apartment in Paris. I have been enjoying reading her updates on her blog and catching her daily tweets on twitter for the last few months. Her and her hubby started this ingenious idea of "just. add. paper" and I must say, ever since I first saw their idea, I have seen it popping up all over the place; Trendsetters they are indeed! You must watch their beautifully crafted video (it was made during the holidays to exhibit the concept of "just. add. paper"... but you get the idea, it translates to any of their products).

Check out the Little Brown Pen etsy shop, there are other valentines, stationery, calendars and such too.


made with love

twig and thistle

Check out this fantastic little freebie made by Twig & Thistle... the idea is you make the heart-shaped brownies, download Twig & Thistle's free graphic, print the graphic on a paper bag or sticker, and tada(!), instant valentine's gift, appropriate for anyone. A genius idea if you ask me.

twig and thistle

If you're feeling a little more adventurous in the kitchen, click here to see Twig & Thistle's recipe for individual apple pies and another free graphic to go along with them. Twig & Thistle is on a roll, make sure to give the blog some love.

{photos from Twig & Thistle}



you are what you eat

Today I saw this cute little illustration entitled "you are what you eat" by Hiss Illustration. Isn't it adorable? It reminded me of this silly video my boyfriend sent me earlier. Check out the transformations of this crazy looking bird...

[For those of you using an rss reader, click through to the web page to see the following you tube video]

{illustration found via so sweet & so cold}


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