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A to Z bookends

apparently i'm on a typography kick today. i just found these clever bookends at delight.com.

in lieu of my love for type, here are a few of my favorite typography blog reads:

ace jet 170
i love typography
type for you

stephanie dearmond

stephanie dearmond

have i posted about this before? well, i can't remember, but today in particular i am really loving what stephanie dearmond has done with ceramic and type.

stephanie dearmond

stephanie dearmond

global bazaar

well hello to all you readers out there (because i know there are so many of you). i am back from the black hole known as christmas. i can't believe how busy i got! i never even got a chance to finish posting the gift guides i made! (i'll just have to save the great items for a rainy day blog post.) anyhow, i think i may be back to a somewhat normal schedule, so maybe that means i'll be back to blog posting regularly once again. we'll see. but for now, on with the show...

target global bazaar

i probably got a little more excited than necessary, but when i saw these new global bazaar items on the target website my eyes did such a happy dance! at heart i am such a sucker for items like these; nothing necessary, but all so precious and pretty (and CHEAP).

surprisingly i really like the black side table (which i need two of for my living room and the style of the legs match my dining table). i've fought black furniture for so long now. i have an amoire that is painted black and i've banished it to my outside shed until i got around to painting it another color. my natural instinct is to never use black furniture in my decor (i have no idea why, i don't dislike it in other people's homes), but more and more i'm realizing that maybe black isn't so bad. maybe i need to embrace the black. and oddly enough, the other piece of furniture i am currently in the market for is a new desk. and the black parsons desk pictured above is very similar to the desk i've been imaging in white. so for now, these items are being placed on my wish list and i'll be anxiously awaiting their arrivals in my local target store (on the website it says items should be available in the next 2 to 6 weeks).



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