dwell studio cushions

dwell studio

still in my search for lovely pillow cushions... here are some fantastic new designs from dwell studio. these particular pillows can be purchased from the dwell shop directly or you can also find them at design public.


happy valentine's day!

my valentine

hello, happy valentine's day! i hope everyone is having a lovely day. lucky me, i came home and and my valentine {he's so sweet and knows me so well} had two small surprises for me: 1. a new apple mighty mouse! 2. a new thin-as-heck apple keyboard! i know for the average person, not so exciting... but when you work as much as i do on the computer, having well-designed hardware is a godsend. yay! {the wii belong together valentine is from argylewhale etsy shop.}

lastly, let me leave you with these totally cute guys from lauren alane.

laura alane valentine birds


heart breakers

heart breakers

i just got our house a lovely little valentine's day present. keep calm inc. released a beautiful new print today called ‘heart breakers’ by jacob arden mcclure. i usually don't buy things on such impulse, but this run is limited to 100, and i didn't want to pass it up. so, yay, now i am anxiously awaiting it's arrival. he has another new print called 'grenade' available too.


folk art forms {part 1}

lately i've been incredibly inspired by different forms of folk art... patterns, textures, techniques. there is nothing like an authentic form of folk art, i especially love seeing some of the ways people are incorporating these age-old looks and traditions into modern pieces and rooms.


wycinanki {pronounced vi-chee-nahn-key} is a polish folk art that involves paper cutouts, bright colors and intricate patterns. wycinanki dates back to mid 19th century and originated with polish sheepherders cutting designs out of treebark and leather. in rural areas of poland this craft is done for relaxation and passed down for generations, all the while designs and themes have become more intricate and detailed.

+ you can find more designs and purchase some pieces of art work at the polish art center.
+ doris sikorsky is an artist from chicago who has mastered the art of wycinanki.
+ the rug pictured above {top, right-hand corner} is from urban outfitters. the uo website describes the rug as "greek floral pattern" but it looks like wycinanki if you ask me {as pointed out by jamie from the i suwannee blog the other day}.
+ the framed artwork is a photo i found on picasa.


another fascinating form of folk art is colcha fabric. this folkart has been practiced by the otomi indians (from the tenango region of the mexican state of hidalgo). each piece of fabric usually comes in very bright colors and takes up to three weeks to complete. this region has been an impoverished region, and buying these fabrics helps the women who spend so much time making them and it also helps to sustain the viability of this tradition of endangered textiles.

+ you can read about colcha fabric at the beachbungalow blog.
+ you can purchase colcha fabric panels from jacarnda home and at the mexican textiles museum. (a bedspread size panel will cost you anywhere from $250 -$400.)
+ {photos from design*sponge, jacarnda home and the beachbungalow blog}


juju (or tyn) hats are a ceremonial accessory to the villages of cameroon. it is worn by chiefs, prominent officials and important dancers. the hats are made out of brightly colored feathers that are sewn onto a raffia fiber base. the feathers are utilized as a symbol of prosperity and positive qualities associated with birds.

+ you can read more about juju hats being used in decorating at the more ways to waste time blog.
+ you can purchase a juju hat for about $325 at the authentic africa store.

wedding blankets

moroccan wedding blankets are a tradition used with brides in moroccan weddings. usually five days before the wedding the a mattress, blankets and other necessities are taken into the bridal chamber where the bride is given a milk bath in the hammam. the negassa (female attendants) spend the days beatifying and preparing the bride with henna stains and then dress her in embroidered wedding finery of white robes.

+ you can contact maryam (from my marrakesh) and she may have some of these fine blankets left to sell you.
+ you can read about the others who have been so lucky to acquire on these blankets from maryam: holly (from decor8), blue mountains mary and tara (from paris parfait)
+ {the pillow pictured above is from a post holly made a while ago and the store it came from doesn't seem to exist any longer.}
+ {the picture of the moroccan bride came from here.}
+ also, i must add that the other day i was in the urban outfitters store and i spotted a rug that looked remarkably like a traditional moroccan wedding blanket. i don't see one on the website at all, but maybe you've seen it in the stores as well.

now after all this inspiration and back-stories of these wonderful forms of folk art, isn't it refreshing to see items like these {pictured below} made by bokja design?

bokja press

{photo from bokja's press release page}

i hope to bring more folk art to this blog in the future as inspiration. it is refreshing sometimes to know why and where these patterns and designs originated from.

all around the world.

world atlas bowl

okay, today i LOVE this! check out these world atlas bowls made by etsy seller bombu's shop! {um, boyfriend and family, my birthday is march 2nd... hint, hint.} i think this would look so perfect on our casual white dining table.

world atlas bowls

{via more ways to waste time. thanks, leah for pointing them out!}

wake up & smell the coffee


super tuesday

obama etsy card

in lieu of super tuesday...

{1} obama for america card from stand4change etsy shop

{2} Barack your world card from Alcove Press (i saw this etsy valentine on the indiefixx blog today, but it doesn't appear to be available anymore. it's great, so i am still going to post it anyway.)


see jane work

see jane work

i've been meaning to blog about see jane work for a long time now. i love this website, it has everything you need to keep your desk organized. i am a pretty big advocate of having clean and pleasant workspaces (especially because i spend so much time at my own). {pictured above: winter white desk of the month}

see jane work

{clockwise} Kate Spade Agenda (refills) $11, #2 Tree Lover Graphite Pencils $5, Veneer File Folders $7, No. 2 Utility Bands $6.50

see jane work

{clockwise} Vintage Wire Desk Trays $58, Clear Acrylic Paperclip Cup $8, Schlep Luggage Tags $12, Hable Construction Spiral Top Notepads $16

see jane work

{clockwise} Thomas Paul Address Book $15, Ceramic Memo Board $11.50,
Garden Urn Pencil Cup $15, Soho Containers with Strip $20.95

pillow cushions

as i've mentioned before, i am on a hunt to refresh the throw pillows in my living room. along the way i've come across a lot of really great ones so i thought i might as well put together a little guide in case anyone else likes them too.

pillow cushions


harmonie intérieure

harmonie interieure

i made a post about wall decals a week or two ago saying i had never really been very impressed with any, and boy i am biting my tongue now. harmonie intérieure features some of the coolest designs for your walls.

harmonie interieure

i love the idea of having just a small portion of a room or wall wallpapered, and these decal stickers are perfect for people like me whom are renting homes.

harmonie interieure

and even more, i love the idea of stenciling letters in a great typography or finding vintage letters and making a collection of them, and these decals use text in a beautiful way.

harmonie interieure

i love how these organic decals have an almost "urban decay" look. and really, i think the photography they used to portray these decals is wonderful.


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