EU is looking for a web designer...

hello web-savvy friends,

my work (entertaining u newspaper) is looking to expand out web design team. i realize that many of my readers are based outside of jacksonville, however i do know that there are a significant amount of you that are local jacksonvillians... so, if you could, pass the news along. we are eagerly looking to do some really creative and new things with our web department of the publication. and if you read my blog, then i'll probably assume you are somewhat creative and/or appreciate good design aesthetic.

this is the ad we've been running around here locally:

EU Jacksonville HELP WANTED_graphic artist_ h1-8



p.s. i promise some interesting posts over the weekend when i can get caught up my "free time" (as that has nearly ceased to exist this past month).


the family

with the start of a new week, i'm going to try to get back into the daily swing of things around here. so today i like this...

the family wallpaper

"the family" custom wallpaper by lisa bengtsson which can now be bought in the States at Bunny Maxwell. (found via Oh Joy!)


soma love

i hope you can excuse my absence for the last week, i am still recovering and playing catch-up from my first wedding photoshoot (that is hard work!). in honor of the newlyweds, let me leave you with some love-inspired greeting cards from soma gallery.


goed uitziend product = GUP


one of my fav blogs, Bloseum, pointed out this really cool store GUP. GUP was just recently started by Jasmijn Stegeman, a dutch interior stylist. apparently "GOP" stands for "goed uitziend product" which translates to "nice looking product". well i have to agree, i certainly think these fun orange items are nice looking! i really love that lamp! (it would be perfect for our bedroom.)


scrumptious paulette

paulette macarons

don't these macarons look divine? [from paulette bakery]

3 paulette macaroons

cog and pearl

brown deer

oh, you're such a dear deer.
red fox
"Foxy, yeah, and you know you are a sweet little lover maker."

[both items from cog & pearl]

breast cancer awareness all over the world

check out this week's EU! we did a very extensive feature on breast cancer awareness. the design i used for the cover is this wonderful artwork from a Danish designer named Sidsel Gaustadnes. i originally read about her design on the oh joy! blog and i immediately emailed Sidsel about using her design in our breast cancer issue. i think it is one of the best designs or images that i've seen that represents breast cancer. if you notice, the circles are supposed to represent breasts of all different shapes and sizes. and if you also notice the last one is singular because, as Sidsel explains, that is how she always remembered her grandmother who lived happily after having a mastectomy.

BC_about_the_cover_Sidsel Gaustadnes

originally Sidsel designed this artwork for the Danish Cancer Society, but thanks to the world of blogging, her design has reached all corners of the world. thank you, Sidsel, so much for allowing us to showcase your design over here in the states! (read her blog to find out where her merchandise is being sold. it is my understanding that quite a bit has already sold out!)


places i have never been

places i have never been map

i have fallen in love with this blog i found today called places i have never been. its written by Jennifer Hill, an illustrator / designer in Boston. the premise of this project is that jennifer designs different patterns that "are inspired by her imaginary vacations to far off places."

places_pondicherry places_kanyakumari

the cool thing about this 'places i have never been' project is the way she writes her blog... say she is designing a pattern for morocco or spain or dia de los muertos in mexico, while doing so she sort of explores the region and gives you a background to her process of creating the design and pattern. as a passionate lover of travel and design i couldn't be more inspired and thrilled to hear about such a cool project. in fact, i want to order one of her desk calendars asap!

places_DeskCalendar-1 places_DeskCalendar-2

she also sells her patterns on notecards, notebooks and as individual prints.

places_tuscany-card-1 places_Savannah-card

places prints


think pink.

as most people know, october is breast cancer awareness month. (stay tuned for this week's issue of EU, we will have pretty extensive feature on the world-wide effort of breast cancer awareness.) in the meantime, everyone else in the blog world seems to be making posts about pink things today, so here is my contribution...

pink candle-PK03 pink_uo trapezoid pillow

geraldine gonzales candle holder / trapezoid pillow from urban outfitters

and some great pink flickr finds:

cameroon juju hat from aphrochic

rose and radish image from brooklyn bride

from decor 8's rooms i heart flickr set


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