ABICI bicycles

pedlars webstore

love these ABICI bicycles from the pedlars webstore.

especially this
ABICI Bicycle Wicker Basket

pedlars webstore

and if you go directly to the ABICI site, you can find a lot more models, and they all seem to be very customizable. i like how they pride themselves on not blasting logos all over the place. clean and simple, just the way good design is meant to be.



evan b. harris

Evan B. Harris_White Whale and Shells

today while reading the more ways to waste time blog i was turned onto artist evan b. harris. i am really fascinated by these pieces of art! i especially like "white whale and shells" [shown above].

Evan B. Harris_Cuts Keep Growing

"cuts keep growing" by evan b. harris

Evan B. Harris_thewurstbag 1 Evan B. Harris_Tote

you can buy a tote bag for the wurst gallery that has a graphic by evan.

get your indie shopping fixx

indie fixx ornaments

right now is the perfect time to start scoping out gifts for your friends and family. these days you really can find almost anything to want whether it be in a local shop, the mall or online. there is still plenty of time to put in your online gift orders and get them in the mail on time. and if you are already taking the easy-online- route, why not support small indie businesses and artist while you are at it? the online indie fixx shop is the perfect place to start for this. they also have a few holiday items that can spruce up your house or card-giving. and when you are done in the shop, check out the indie fixx blog for more great ideas on where to shop for more indie artist in the 12 days of indie holiday shopping guide [above, ornaments by megan auman]

indie fixx oh deer cardsindie fixx seasons greetings card

holiday cards by 12 fifteen

indie fixx owl pillowindie fixx balloon necklace

the hilbert owl pillow by fock space / up, up & away necklace by electric eccentricity


symmetrical seeds


impressionable dipping dish by artist and sculptor mary judge (when filled with olive oil, five spectacular shades emerge). acorn necklace by jewelry designer rachel leigh.

amy ruppel at target

amy ruppel at target

it's that time of year again, and the holiday decor is in full-retail-swing. this year at target (my staple for general-needs shopping) designer amy ruppel is being featured as this year's designer for holiday marketing and decorations. you may recognize her signature birds from an array of different places. [target catalog photo (above) from paper pop ink blog]

amy ruppel at modern twist

amy ruppel vinotagz and coaster notz at modern-twist

amy ruppel's collaboration with seattle artist amy bengtson. (fern, a rosewood oval inlaid with a mother of pearl bird accented by an engraved fern.)

an amy ruppel paperweight from anthropologie.

amy ruppel at plume

amy ruppel pillows from eleventwentyfive.


i want to roll you up into my life.

fake katamari.jpg

my all-time-favorite videogame is katamari damacy. the design, music and excitement is all genius. check out jennie maneri's very own fake katamari!



its that time of year that i go back to the knitting needles. (there is something so calming and comforting about cozying up on the couch with the heat on and a knitting project in hand.) in honor of the lovely hobby, i wanted to point out this incredible art by alyssa ettinger. it's called knitware. you can purchase it from her etsy shop.


knitware bowl, $65


knitware tumbler, $35


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