j'aime les couleurs de le creuset.

i just want to make a quick post proclaiming my love for le creuset cookware. ever since i first spotted the turquoise blue pot in March/April 2007 Blueprint i have had the photo below on my inspiration board. i mean not only are the colors on those shelves amazing, but i think about le creuset's newest caribbean colored line almost every other day. (yes, i covet it that badly.) i found out recently that most of the line can be found at bed, bath and beyond.

(inspiration photos from Blueprint Magazine and Wary Meyers.)

i love all the colors that le creuset cookware comes in (particularly kiwi, cobalt blue and flame).

but for me, caribbean takes the cake.


let there be light

i got my new issue of domino the other day, and of course i am in love with everything in it. my favorite find were these delia shades. in my new house there are a LOT of windows and a LOT of natural light. i love it. however, there are a few places that could use some privacy screens... and now i have the perfect solution. yes, you can do the typical roman shade... but with these delia shades you can add an element of design with these great patterns and you can still have the natural light shine through. i am already planning to get a few for the kitchen and the master bedroom. my favorite being the moorish design (above).


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