state of undress

state of undress

in honor of my dear friend sarah who just had a lovely boudoir wedding shower... state of undress, a lovely mix of sultry and sweet, the two essential ingredients in the bedroom.


one stop motivation shop

yummy yogurt?

so, as my friends know, i suffer from pretty severe migraines. i am home sick with one right now. (usually i can work through them, but today i just couldn't bring myself to drive until i nursed it better.) so to keep myself busy (somehow preoccupying myself tends to be less painful than just "laying down") i was divulging in some of my daily blog reads and i just read about rachel's yogurt on the bluelines blog (blueprint magazine's blog). i have recently started to LOVE yogurt. i used to not be that fond of it, and honestly the dairy part just kinda of scared me (not a big fan of milk - yuck!). anyway, rachel's yogurt sounds devine and i wish there were a place here in jacksonville that you could buy some to eat right now. checkout what the website says about their flavors:

The Essence line offers blissfully blended mood-inspiring yogurt. The essence of scrumptious satisfaction.
  • Vitality - Pomegranate Açai
  • Revive - Peach Green Tea with Ginseng
  • Glow - Berry Jasmine with Zinc
  • Relax - Vanilla Chai
  • Calm - Plum Honey Lavender

The Exotic line offers luscious blended yogurt inspired by the planet's most alluring fruits and flavors.


oh, let's just say a little bird told me so.

story book birdie

isn't this little guy cute? more birds like this can be found on etsy (made by cotton bird designs). they sort of remind me of the ever-so-infamous birds ann wood makes. i really love all the vintage fabric used!



air traffic

air traffic pillow

air traffic pillow from re:modern

i live with a constant itch to travel, especially the last few weeks, far off places like india and japan are next on my list to conquer. did you know my first time ever flying on a commercial airplane i flew all the way to china? yep, i was fifteen. the night of my fifteenth birthday my parents told me that i was getting to go on a trip of a lifetime with my best friend to, of all places, china. my parents weren't going to just pay for this extravagant trip; the next week i had my first job at a pizza place around the corner from my neighborhood (and i have been a hard worker ever since). so ever since the beginning i have put travel on the forefront of my financial priorities and i never plan to let that change. something about the satisfaction of experiencing far-off lands makes the sound of working for hard-earned money that much sweeter. in that first trip to china i went with an organization called the civil air patrol (my best friend's father was involved with it somehow), and we must have taken over 12 flights all over to different cities in china. i came back to the u.s. with not only plenty of flying under my belt, but the thirst for travel, travel, travel!



keep calm and carry on print
(these posters can also be purchased in the u.s. by fellow blogger sfgirlbybay)

royal queen pillow

rosanna kings road dinnerware
kings road collection

the taste of morocco.

i will never forget or stop craving the taste of morocco. everything i ate there was so delicious and flavorful. if i only knew how to cook like that...


(white tagine from the conran shop)

a lot of moroccan dishes are cooked in a tagine like the one pictured above. i would love to be able to recreate some of the flavors i tasted in marrakech, i wonder if this tagine would work the same way? i don't even know, can these be put in the oven? i do know that traditionally a tagine cooks over (in?) fire for many hours to carefully blend the tastes of meat, vegetables and seasonings together. and then can be used as a serving dish, being brought directly to your table.

not too long ago i came across a blog called a moroccan kitchen that is being written by two lovely ladies named sabah and samira. they are moroccan women from fès medina who work at riad laaroussa. they started this blog to practice their english and spread the taste of morocco all over the world!

so maybe with these two things, a lovely tagine and a moroccan kitchen blog, i can come a fraction closer to having the authentic cuisine in my own home!


blossom and bill

zara home autumn winter 2007/08 catalouge

ah, zara home, how i wish thee were in the united sates... so affordable, pretty and sometimes perfect. when i was in barcelona this past summer i got to visit a zara home store firsthand. albeit not a huge place, but very wonderful. i still have the stark white spring / summer catalog at home with the rest of my inspirational clippings and images i keep on hand. although the store's overall look doesn't encompass my style as a whole, i can really admire their small touches and "comfortable" look. so here goes my mega-post of photos from their newest catalog:

zara home fall 2007 3

zara home fall 2007 2

zara home 1

zara home fall 2007 4 zara home fall 2007 5

zara home fall 2007 6

zara home fall 2007 7

zara home fall 2007 8

zara home fall 2007 9 zara home fall 2007 10

zara home fall 2007 11

zara home fall 2007 12

zara home fall 2007 13

zara home fall 2007 14

zara home fall 2007 15 zara home fall 2007 16

zara home fall 2007 17

zara home fall 2007 20

zara home fall 2007 18

zara home fall 2007 19

view the catalog for yourself here.


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