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rifle paper co.

A few months ago I spotted these adorable recipe boxes made by the lovely folks over at Rifle Paper Co. And memorable they are because I have not forgotten about them since.

rifle paper co.

Something about the lovely white script against the raw-looking wood just really strikes a chord with me. They come with cute recipe cards too.

rifle paper co.

I think this would make a lovely wedding gift, assuming your newly-wed friends have an appreciation for great type and carefully crafted wood. Something about recipe boxes seems timeless to me though, the kind of thing you keep forever and then your grandkids keep once your gone. I think these look like they could stand that test of time.

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  1. I love Rifle Paper Co.! I got some blank cards a little while back. Even though I already knew I loved the design, when I received them, I saw that the quality was also stunning. I will definitely buy more paper goods from them in the future. :)



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